News: Help! Child Swarmed by Bots

Help! Child Swarmed by Bots

This kid looks less than pleased (skip to 2:37).

The goal of  Swarm-bots is to show how many small robots can work together to achieve a larger task (such as dragging a little girl's body across the floor):

"The goal of this project is the study of a novel design approach to hardware implementation for testing and using the capability of self-assembling, self-organising, and metamorphosis of robotic systems. Such an approach finds its theoretical roots on recent studies in swarm intelligence, i.e., in studies of self-organising and self-assembling capabilities shown by social animals."

Start building your own army of robots:


They could have used something different to give the demonstration of robots working together.
The poor girl looked scared!

Did you see her yawning? 2:05. I don't think she was scared, just board out of her mind.

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