News: Master Nerd Births Perfect Copy Cat Bot

Master Nerd Births Perfect Copy Cat Bot

Can't help but smile at this goofy, endearing nerd "master" (Vitalijus Rodnovas) guiding his copy-cat protege robot (coined Waldo). The rig allows Waldo to mimic Rodnovas' body movements in actual real time.

Hackaday has dug up the HowTo notes:

"...The project page is slight on details and is mostly written in his native Lithuanian, but the pictures speak volumes, and with a little help from Google Translate we can learn the essential facts: The robot itself is a commercially-available kit, the Kondo KHR-1HV from Japan. The custom-built harness uses a collection of surplus Soviet-era military potentiometers (acquired on eBay) to read the positions of his elbows and shoulders, then an ATmega8-based interface board translates these readings into motion commands sent to the robot's onboard controller. Some additional notes and code can be found on the RoboSavvy Forum."

Check it out.

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Bipedal weapons systems demo. Give it a few years and we will have full fledged Gundams.

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