News: Turn your vegetables into articulating robotic digits

Turn your vegetables into articulating robotic digits

Hell, yeah! Play with your food.

This android hand is the brainchild of a collaboration including Robo250, the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, the Mattress Factory and MAYA Design, Inc.

Part gastro-sculpture, part automaton. 100% cool.

We're big fans of category hybrids. Veggie sculpting and robot building are things of the past. But making your cucumbers into bot-fingers? That's the future.

Make an edible robot

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truly different and imaginative.

Wow, an edible robot how great!

And how verry usefell image edible terminators :P

This seems interesting until you see a bunch of rubberband antics that you cannot see. This clip left this reviewer cold.

thts nice now make me a sammich

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