Mod old cell phones into robot spiders

Mod old cell phones into robot spiders Arachnophilia and technosexuals rejoice. This whimsical, skittering robot takes only 5 minutes of tinkering.

This simple toy is made possible with a bit of solder, AAA battery, copper wire and an old mobile phone's vibrating motor. Like the EvilMadScientist's Bristlebot, this SpiderBot is the creation of a fellow DIY mogul, BangBang007. Bang is the same guy who delivered great HowTo's like the bottle cap cotton candy machine and mini airplane.

Mod together a Spider Bot for fun or as a tribute to the recent robotic spider infestations.

Make a robot spider


Very innovative and whimsical!


Not so good


your a geniuse

information about the creation of new working generation of scinence

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