News: LEGO Robot Plays 'Little Talks' by Of Mice & Men on Guitar

LEGO Robot Plays 'Little Talks' by Of Mice & Men on Guitar

LEGO Robot Plays 'Little Talks' by Of Mice & Men on Guitar

Remember back in 2011 when "Little Talks" by Of Mice & Men was the bumping new single being played everywhere? Well, it's flashback time because a LEGO robot has made the song relevant again.

Thanks to the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 kit and an acoustic guitar, you get to get the iconic "hey!" stuck in your head for the rest of 2016. You're welcome!

The technology used to play the guitar is all part of the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 kit:

  • 1 Intelligent brick (small computer)
  • 2 L motors
  • 1 M motor

The robot's creator, TECHNICally Possible, uploaded a second video with more information about how it was built. It's actually pretty amazing how many different moving parts come together to get this robot working.

"Little Talks" is a fairly simple four-chord song to play on guitar, so it made a perfect template for this project.

The robot was specifically created to play this song, but it could be reprogrammed to play others that use the same cords. The creator says he won't be posting the instructions, though, since he used a kid-sized smaller guitar with some idiosyncrasies that wouldn't hold up with other guitars, so it probably wouldn't work that well without being adapted for the specific instrument.

You'll notice that the robot gets a little behind the tempo of the original song at 0:41, and the sound of the robot moving to play is actually pretty distracting, but that doesn't take away from the ingenuity of the finished product.

TECHNICally Possible has posted four other LEGO Mindstorm videos, including LEGO robots playing a piano and serving as a clock. We've already seen how the Mindstorm kit is pretty impressive and we'll definitely see more created with it in 2017.

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Cover Image via TECHNICally Possible/YouTube.

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Um it's actually by 'Of Monsters and Men'. I listen to them and believe me I confuse them with 'Of Mice and Men' sometimes lol.

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