How To: Use a wiimote to control a Lego robot

Use a wiimote to control a Lego robot

A video tutorial on how to use the wiimote to control a Lego NXT robot.

Link to download GlovePie: http://carl.kenner.googlepages. com/glovepie_download
Script for Glovepie
wiimote.Leds = 9
Key.F1 = Wiimote1.Left
Key.F2 = Wiimote1.Right
Key.F3 = Wiimote1.Up
Key.F4 = Wiimote1.Down
Key.F5 = Wiimote1.A
Link to download OnBrick:

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Great video but please you a tripod next time :) You can see a document about how to do things described in the video here:

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