How To: Build a simple solar rope-shimmying robot spy toy

Build a simple solar rope-shimmying robot spy toy

If you want to become a great robotics engineer, then you need to start out small, and this robot is a great first-time project. It's the simplest kind of robot, with only one motor and a gear box, but it moves really interesting, capable of shimmying across a rope. You can send this rope-shimmying robot tospy on your neighbors for you (when you're too lazy to do it yourself). See how it's done!

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hi i was wandering where you got your gearbox from for i am very interested in making this robot. looks like fun! please reply to this comment. it will be greatly appreciated! 8-)

use google, gearbox toy, or small gearbox, any gearbox is okay just make sure the handles are not straight, you can bend them by yourself or install another 90 degree shaft.


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